White Cloud Area Tail Twisters Radio Control Club 
2017 events
The Tail Twisters has it's annual fun fly in June Saturday before Fathers Day, We have everything from Heli's to Jets even a time to shoot a paint ball at a RC airplane.

This has been a great event, come and fly ( no landing fee ) and free entrance

We have a candy drop for the kids very cool to see 6 pd. of candy fall from the sky then the kids are turned loose to pickup.

We have a lot  of people that make this a great time come and see.

  2017 the date is June 17th.
On site food this year is by the White Cloud Library roasting 2 pigs  ,  big air show, candy drop, paint ball shoot, and kids games

Come and see a WW2 shoot out with B-17s, Mustangs, B-29s, and other planes, At 12 noon time show

Again bring a chair, and sun screen

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